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Anonymous asked: The leo guy I like knows I like him... what should I do??

Leo’s do not like pushy people. They are more likely to watch you and if they like you and want to talk they will just come out and say it. They do not drag out things.

Anonymous asked: Should've reworded better, sorry!! I meant: How do you know if a Leo is not interested in you? Thank you!!

Leos are quite conscious of the people around them and I dare anyone to say otherwise unless they’ve met an untypical Leo. Leos will only be bad if you step on their toes, be rude to them or disrespect their pride. They are not the type pf person to hurt another person on purpose (that is what Scorpios usually do while enjoying doing it).
So if you have been good to your Leo then everything is good. But if you have done something to upset them, they will let you know, no problem. Leos are not afraid of saying what they feel. The Sun rules over Leos so it gives a whole lot of strength to do awkward things. Even when facing situations like break ups and stuff like that.,

Hey everyone. I’m not that good like The others on this page. I can’t do the moon descendant and the day you were born zodiac things. I can just do the basics and a little of the birth chart. Sorry but that’s all I can give now.


Anonymous asked: What are signs that a leo doesn't like you or isn't interested in you? Thank you!!

A little Virgo, Capricorn, and pieces. It’s a challenge for Leo and Taurus. You clash with Aquarius and Scorpio because your both stubborn. And it’s very different that it might work with a Taurus.

Anonymous asked: Hey I am an Aquarius Sun Aries Moon and Cancer Ascendant male. People who know know me like close friends know I'm a kind hearted person, mean well, and would never want to hurt anyone. But those who don't I feel greatly misunderstand me, is this a problem from an individuals personality or are my signs partially to blame. I dont know much on how these signs intermingle? Thank you.

Yes some people might feel that way because you like things to go a certain way then others. But it doesn’t call for others to be a certain way with you. It might just be the people and not you. Your sign likes to meet new people and be around a lot of people. Not everyone is going to be your friend. Some people are just jealous.


Hello everyone!!

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asukanyan asked: Hi! I was born on 29.oct.1987 and I like this Gemini boy a lot (1986. may 22.). I want to seduce him, but he is so unattainable. What can i do? I've read that a Scorpo-Gemini relationship could be very complicated and constrained. But I want to prove the opposite!

They are attracted to each other but a Gemini is not one to lose control. They don’t like pushy people. You have to show him your interested and let him take the lead.


mzrain1202 asked: Out of most of my dating career (lol) I've always dated and attracted scorpios and Pisces. It just happens. Right now i am seeing a Pisces. We bumped heads maybe 4 or 5 times in a year. We have learned to communicate for the most part. He says he loves me. But he won't make a commitment. Now i was told by a Pisces male and female u can read them by their eyes. Which Is correct. I know i have to be patient cause they are indecisive. I'm a sagittarius.I love him & in love with him. What do i do?

Pieces always have a reason for something. But they are very loyal. If they didn’t want to be with you, you would know because you are a Sagittarius. You are naturally open and loving but at the same time you can read people. So go with your instincts.


Anonymous asked: This leo used to talk to me a lot but he just suddenly started ignoring me. He stopped replying to my messages so I stopped trying to talk to him. He randomly messaged me again. I don't know why he is ignoring me and I know I didn't do anything wrong. What are reasons why he may be acting this way? Thank you :)

Leo’s do not shy away from people so something must happened and after a while they saw it was untrue. So just go with the flow. They don’t tend to waste others time.


Fun facts about your sign here


Fun facts about your sign here

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